files "saved" by LibreCad are nowhere to be found!

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files "saved" by LibreCad are nowhere to be found!


I am new to LibreCad and I just joined the Forum today.
However, I am NOT new to CAD.

I have been using GammaCad for about 20 years.
My computer is currently running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

LibreCad is VERY similar to GammaCad with the exception of output file formats.

When I "save" a file in LibreCad, WHERE does it end up??
Once I close the program, the file(s) I have "saved" cannot be found, anywhere, in ANY folder!!

Suppose I want to email the files, HOW on Earth can I do that?

I can open a 'saved' file (DXF) in LC but I cannot email it from there!
I am stuck!

Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a 'bug'??

Any help would be much appreciated!

Les Banki