interested in translating the LibreCAD user manual

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interested in translating the LibreCAD user manual

Hello everybody. I am a new wiki and forum member. I would like to know what permissions are required and what is the process of translating the LibreCAD user manual from existing languages to a new language.
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Re: interested in translating the LibreCAD user manual

Welcome guillem!

The manual is hosted on GitHub, so basically, you just need a GitHub account to contribute with pull requests.

There was just issue #107 created, exactly about that, see my comments there.

So, long story short, we have translation in mind, but the preconditions are not created yet.
If you want, you can have a look at the linked documentation in the GitHub issue.
When there is something you can manage or if you can support us in preparing the preconditions, fine, but don't worry if you can't.

Best is to get in touch through our Zulip chat (
I'll ask the main authors, if one of them can prepare things in time.

It may look a bit complicated at first sight, but we want to avoid to have translated documentation which diverge over time when the original is modified.
With the used tools and GitHub it will be easy for language maintainers to detect new or modified content.
And the user will see an updated English sentence or paragraph instead an obsolete translated text in the manual.

Concerning the wiki, you've created two accounts, I assume because of missing write permissions.
This is our spam protection and there is a hint to get in touch for write permission on the register page.
But this is a common issue, I must see, if we can make this more present, that it is not overseen.
I'll grant permission to your first account and remove the second one.

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