proper printing to HP 1220C

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proper printing to HP 1220C

St Bob
I have tried printing to the the point of deleting Libracad
No matter what I try I find no combination of settings that will print a to scale drawing on my HP 1220 C printer

I know the printer is capable and other CAD software is also capable.
I have printed drawings up to 12X18 " with extreme accuracy
I use CAD software to make face plates and drill templates and have done so for many years.
My current software (DeltaCad) works perfectly but has been discontinued
I do need a back up and have downloaded various cad software but have found none that will work properly.
Much time has been expended trying to solve this problem with librecad without success
Hopefully someone will have a solution
No, I am not going to replace the printer.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: proper printing to HP 1220C

With the information you have given it is hard to tell what might be the reason.
As you say you have tried other cad software and none will work properly I don't think it is an incompatibility of LibreCAD with your printer. You probably just haven't made the right settings. Have you used  Print Preview? That's a must for proper scaling. How much is the scale off? Always the same factor? The same in x and y direction? LibreCAD version and OS? Have you looked into the manual?
You may provide a sample drawing here, A4 or letter size, as I have no larger printer, so I can have a look and maybe guide you.
As a workaround you could export/print to pdf and print from that. But Print Preview obligatory also.