small-time autocad user looking for assistance

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small-time autocad user looking for assistance


I am a programmer, System Engineer, tinkerer, and part time Autocad User.  I rarely use CAD but when I do I prefer to use my old-school autocad skills (remember autocad 12?).  Over the years the windows versions of autocad have just gotten too complex (and too expensive) for the very basic stuff I need.  In short, my brain works off the command line.  

I recently got turned on to LibreCad and was happy to see there is a command line that actually works for drawing lines, angles, etc.  However I have yet to figure out how to use basic functions like 'mid', 'end', 'tan' and other functions for connecting up with objects in the document.  For example, draw a circle, then I want to connect the endpoint of a line to the circle at a tangent point, or the center.  Its very oldschool autocad thinking but its the way my brain works.  

In autocad, I did this by typing 'line', then clicking the start point, then typing 'tan' and clicking on the circle near where I wanted the tangent to go.  Similarly 'mid' for connecting to the midpoint of a line and 'cen' for the center of a circle.  

I see that the gui does this with separate buttons for each type of function, which I could learn, but I thought I'd ask if there is a user-contributed initiative to contribute autocad-like command mapping to the existing gui functions.

Thanks :)


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Re: small-time autocad user looking for assistance

Hi Ron,

Since you are a programmer, please consider to join our small LC team and improve it.

Our source code is mostly clean, and we are happy to assist when it's not that clean in source code.

You can also help improve our user manual/wiki, etc.

Back to your question, you can find available command line support here:

Adding command line support could be as easy as adding your own command alias, or add a few lines to source code.