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A few comments about LibreCad

Hello everyone,

Already using LibreCad for some time now, I would like to express some remarks to stimulate reflections. Apart from a few 3D softwares like Blender, Freecad, Autodesk 123D, SketchUp and before finally choosing LibreCad as 2D CAD software for the realization of small plans, I had the opportunity to test several products some of which a good time ago and which I list here :
  • A9Cad 2012,
  • ProgeCAD 2009 CADDIT,
  • DraftSight 2011,
  • DraftITV3Setup 2012,
  • DoubleCad,
  • QCad,
There are some others whose names I do not remember.

These programs treat Autocad's DXF or DWG files

General observation 1 :

Why do all these softwares fit without originality on the Autocad philosophy which I believe to see clones ?

General observation 2 :

Why do modern developers have an aversion to the point which is the basic building entity ? In my opinion, it's a pity therefore that the point is not treated in a more ample way to directly obtain those which one seeks. Software, in general, offers solutions that sometimes lead to certain difficulties such as a midlepoint very near of the point of the foot of a height and also that we are obliged, for example to extend a line to get a point intersection which leads to additional manipulations, in particular, when working on lines of recall of a plane 3 views. From my point of view always, the software should not try to subsitute to the work of the draftsman. This is not his role to propose solutions that are his own, but rather satisfy the needs of the draftsman which must know what he wants and where he is going.

Observation 3 :

I returned to MicroCadam because I did not find the possibility to build circles tangent to two or even three spline curves or to hatch an area whose contour is formed by splines, lines and circles as shown in the figure below. below :

Observation 4 :

Having worked during the years 79-92 on the treatment of Helicopters technical documentation in order to automate the management of texts and illustrations, it was common that, at the beginning, manually, the layers don't have the standard size of pages and contained only one or more illustrations to be photocopied on a page of text. Axes and origins of these layers did not necessarily coincide with those on the page. In the treatment of illustrations in texts, my job was precisely to affix these layer-images as desired by the editor.
In LibreCad, it would be nice that the layers have a pivot and a scale of their own. A 3-view draft could be composed of 3 or 4 primary layers, one for each view.


Observation 5 :

It would be also nice to be able to determine an area of a drawing for printing by capturing it and specifying its dimensions on a paper size.

Best regards.
Lou Papet
Why do simple when can do even more simple.... the more simple is nothing to do if possible !...
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