Closed Spline through points DXF

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Closed Spline through points DXF

Hello there !

I am trying to create DXF files including closed splines through fitpoints.

It is imported beautifully in LibreCAD with:

xcoord fit point 1
ycoord fit point 1
zcoord fit point 1

But it is always taken as an open spline independently of the value given to Group Code 70 which is supposed to be the bit coded Spline flag.
1 = Closed spline
2 = Periodic spline
4 = Rational spline
8 = Planar
16 = Linear

Also when saving with LibreCAD, fitpoint coordinates are replaced by control points (10, 20, 30 instead of 11, 21, 31).

Similar issues happen with AutoCAD if the spline is closed before saving.

I would like to stick to the 11, 21, 31 (fitpoints) structure and define closed splines.
Would you please help me do this ?

Best regards,