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Hello everybody.
I'm a Mechanicall engineer and I'm starting to work in Linux.
I need to make 2D drawings (for home applications), so I decided to start to use LibreCAD (I'm using 2.2.0 alpha version).
Unfortunately there isn't *.dwg file support. I tried to open a simple *.dwg file (designed with AutoCAD 2008), but it doesen't work...
So I decided to investigate and I found a method:

I used teigha converter: i converted the file from *.dwg to *.dxf and it was possible to open the file with LibreCAD!
I saw that is possible to convert from *.dxf to *.dwg.

Searching on internet, it seem that it is possible to use TeighaFileConverter directly from the linux shell, so could be an idea to integrate this function inside LibreCAD?