DXF import issues with measurements

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DXF import issues with measurements

Walter Lapchynski
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Files referenced (DXF and PDF) can be found on <a href="http://forum.l
 previous post</a>.

The PDF shows how AutoCAD plots the DXF. Opening in LibreCAD, you'll s
ee it produces different results.

For example, if you look at the large figure near the top, at the bott
om, the radius is shown as "R20 [R.787]" whereas LibreCAD shows it as
"20.0000," kind of far away from the arrow that indicates where that m
easurement exists.

This suggests several problems, such as the number of significant digi
ts (which I can edit on a global scale, but you'll notice that not eve
ry measurement has the same precision), the displayed units (the fact
that both metric and imperial are included), and a clear connection be
tween the measurement and what is being measured. Additionally, the di
ameter symbols are missing.
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Re: DXF import issues with measurements

Hi Walter,

The measurements or dimensions are good loaded (imported).

I need to investigate the text position in "diameter dims", the text are draw too far and, if you change the decimal number are draw too close.

Dimensions in LibreCAD are controlled by 9 variables and in Autocad by (aprox.) 57 vars. that is, much work is needed to get always equals and more people to help programming to get it.

Add a "R" or "dim" prefix is very easy, but, is correct in all the world or only in America and Western Europe ?

In my opinion, and in order of priority, are needed to implement:

$DIMDEC = Sets the number of decimal places displayed for the primary units of a dimension. (instead of current drawing prefs)
$DIMADEC =  Number of precision places displayed in angular dimensions
$DIMZIN = Controls the suppression of zeros in the primary unit value.
$DIMAZIN = Controls suppression of zeros for angular dimensions.

$DIMLUNIT = Sets units for all dimension types except Angular. (instead of current drawing prefs)


And, of course, all managed by dimensions styles

Note: the text inside [] are alternate units controlled by $DIMALT to activate and $DIMALT... to "fine tuning"

In conclusion, all the issues are not issues but work to do in free time  

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Re: DXF import issues with measurements


And as requested in

DIMFXLON = Controls whether extension lines are set to a fixed length.
and DIMFXL = When DIMFXLON is on, extension lines are set to the length specified by DIMFXL.