How to change the scale?

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How to change the scale?


When I open my drawing with Librecad, I have a scale which is 1E+6 /1E+7.Yet I worked with a 10/100 scale

I would like to try to change the scale but I don't know how. I select
"Modify" then

And after, how do I do? Do I select the drawing with "CTRL a" ?

I'm using the 1.0.2 version

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Re: How to change the scale?

Hi Carnyx

First you can upgrade to 2.0.0alpha4 version:

My example -using the scale tool
1. Draw rectangle 60 x 40.
2. Select rectangle by either -drag window around rectangle, Ctrl A or using the 'Select' toolbar (docked on right hand side).
3. Once selected, go to Modify > Scale.
4. Now just press return key > Specify reference point.
5. Choose reference point and 'Scaling' options dialog window will open.
6. Set the option fields
* Note at this point the options to use current attributes (line weight, color, type etc.) and current layer.
You need to check these boxes if you need to keep these the same!
7. In my example I have set to scale up X2.
Job done -hope this helps.

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Re: How to change the scale?

In reply to this post by Carnyx
Hi Carnyx,

Example, draw a house of 15x20 meters and print at scale 1/50.

You draw a rectangle of 15x20 units, zoom in / out to draw windows, etc (the visualization scale change for each zoom).

Select "Edit->current drawing preferences"
in tab paper select A4, portrait

Select File->print preview
In preview toolbar set scale 20:1 ( 1 unit = 1000mm then 1000/50, then 20:1).
Aghh, does not fit, change scale to 1000/100 == 10:1 and check fixed

Ready to print in 1/100