Migrating from Autocad, Philippines Furniture, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical

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Migrating from Autocad, Philippines Furniture, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical

Hi I'm Justin Aquino from the Philippines,
We use Autocad for Customized and Modular/System Furniture Primarily. Secondary is we use it for Civil Works (Measurements and Layouting), and Mechanical and Electrical Design Drawings.
I am trying to migrate the Company to LibreCad, FreeCAd, Blender, and Ubuntu.
Of course there is a lot of Resistance and Challenges.

I used to be a 3d artist before I came to help the Family business and Owe alot to Open Source systems when I was starting out and was a starving artist. Unfortunately management prevents me from being the one to dedicate 50 hours a week studying and doing the documentation and Training to migrate our company to this. I'm juggling IT, Business Processes, Plant Operations, and the Politics of any large company to be able to really fully immerse myself in this and need help finding an Adequate Trainer to study LibreCAD and plan the migration.  

But self taught in many Open Source Systems: blender, libreoffice, inkscape, gimp etc... I know how long it takes to study and I know how to make a Workflow.

I'm keeping a GDOC and GSHEET GANTT of the project for reference.

I do believe that this is more sustainable for Developing market to be able to just use Linux and LibreCAd (and the complimentary software) to prevent each user from costing as much as 1,000-1,500usd in Licenses. A i3/r3 4GB RAM 60GBssd/emmc PC is about 200usd here and is enough to Serve the Needs of our Company in Processing Power.  

I think I can argue  to open the Plant to Showcase and share our Training Material and Usage (definitely cannot show our design drawings BUT can share the desktop recordings used for trianing). Basically enough material that an Internet Cafe can run trainings and Make sure the OJTs that go through us are trained.