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Move by distance

In continuation to IRC discussion :

20:03 wd404 Is there any way to move an element by distance?


20:13 wd404 I then use one of the line endpoints to move my original element.
20:13 wd404 Then I go back and delete the reference line
20:13 wd404 I was just wondering if there was an easier way.

What you did is the correct way.

After drawing any object (say Circel):

Modify -> Move/Copy
Select Circle

<specify reference point> Click with mouse any where on drawing area
<specify target point> @100<45
Ensure you checked "Delete Original" to move object
Click on OK

The above sequence will move Circle by 100 units along 45 degrees.

You need to give movement vector. It can be any two point by use of mouse, using all snap options or other restrictions (ortho).

You may also copy with with, and make multiple copies also.

Can you suggest any way easier than this.

To me it is natural and traditional way of working in CAD.