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New from Template [Resolved]

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At least under Linux Mint 19 (and I assume other Linux distros the default path for drawing templates
appears to be the users home directory.
The User Manual suggests the default should be
however typing this path into the preferences and clicking OK does nothing to alter the actual source of template files.
Furthermore, using the path picker to source the directory requires choosing a .dxf file to load. Again, by default, the only directory that has a .dxf file is the path
/usr/share/librecad/library/templates with a single file empty.dxf
If this file is chosen in the picker then the path is set (including the file) although subsequently removing the file name from the path still allows the use of the library/templates directory as repository for template files.
After doing this I actually manually changed the path to the one suggested in the manual (/usr/share/librecad) but this has no effect so although the Applications Preferences now consistently show /usr/share/librecad the actual path to retrieving templates is /usr/share/librecad/library/templates.

I have not yet tested whether I can change this path again to say
/usr/share/librecad/templates (a directory that also exists) as, at the time of writing this post I don't have write permissions to that directory.
I will post again when I have tested it.

The reason this is actually important to me is because I am setting up training for end users who will have to know how to create and retrieve templates on whichever platform they will use at home while the machines used for training all run Linux.

Version: 2.1.2
Compiler: GNU GCC 6.2.0
Compiled on: Sep 17 2016
Qt Version: 5.9.5
Boost Version: 1.62.0
System: Linux Mint 19
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Re: New from Template

I have now established that the Application Preferences for Templates path is alterable on a user by user basis but only provided the chosen directory contains at least one .dxf file that serves as an initial template. Of course in order to place a suitable .dxf file in such a directory that directory must either have appropriate read/write permissions or it must be placed there using root access.