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Engineer by trade (although not actively drawing type), 2D cad user since 1995 or so, started with ACAD R12 in MS-DOS, been drawing since for mostly hobbies, studies or geometrical POCs at work to interact with colleagues who do draw, but not necessary think.

LibreCAD was the best solution for Linux environment for a free tools and now when I can not revive my (decades old) licenses from the $$$ thefts I did jump fully on LibreCAD.. It is driving me nuts a bit, there is some really unfortunate design choices made though the worst is the halfway implemented "restict (to) orthologal"  and the way that user is forced to use '@distance<angle [ENTER]' commands for parallel line drawing.

It is nice though that there is something like LibreCAD which is not fully parametric (like free_3D_cad), model nor database driven, but a honest 2D CAD.

-Piece <smiley image="smiley_beam.gif"/>