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Printing Scale Tips...

If you work with architectural or furniture drawings, I believe this is the best way to work with scale drawings.

Here are some tips:

- First of all, read the User Manual:

- Draw everything in full scale (1:1), even your blocks.

- Learn how to use the Library Browser Dock to insert everything that is standardized.

- Use the scale factor to insert drawings or texts that require printing scale adjustment, such as sheets, title blocks, finish schedules, standart details, etc...

- Whenever you create a new block, make sure that it has been saved with the same measurement units as your default model (see Application Preferences and Drawing Preferences) or this will generate a scale incompatibility with the line weight configuration.

- Adjust the printing scale factor according to the scale defined when inserting the block.

- Watch the workflow demo


- For now, that's it...