installing a plgin

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installing a plgin

Is there an idiot's guide to installing a plug-in?

Maybe I don't understand what a "plug-in is? I really would like the CAM and Gear plug-ins, but have searched the internet and just cannot seem to come up with how to install these plug-ins.

Can someone just send em a link to installing a plugin?
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Re: installing a plgin

First, you have to give more information about your LibreCAD version and OS.

A rudimentary Export MakerCAM feature was introduced in V2.0.8 already, maybe it was called Export SVG first and should be found in the File/Export menu.
It was revamped later, but after 2.1.3 release, so the new feature is only available in nightly builds, means V2.2.0rc1...

Also the Gear plugin was introduced after 2.1.3 and is only available in nightly builds.

So there is no need to install plugins, they should be bundled with the installers.
If you are on Windows, you can give the nightly builds a try, they are in release candidate phase, means they are very stable.
You find it at

For other OS, we sadly have no nightly builds yet, you have to build from source if this is an option for you.