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Re: New sponsorship and partnership for LibreCAD in Brazil 1 reply Suggestions & Feedback
Re: Suggestion: put more contrast on the interface. 0 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: Freezes when expanded 1 reply Troubleshooting
Re: Move/Copy strange behavior 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: Relative zero position permanently locked. 1 reply Troubleshooting
Re: Feature request - edit vertices of entities. 0 replies Suggestions & Feedback
Re: DWG support 0 replies Suggestions & Feedback
Re: Linear Precision - Not getting my head round it! 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: file.dwg wont open; file.dxf opens but can't see on the screen 3 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: Main window not visible 0 replies Troubleshooting
Re: bloques disponibles 0 replies Useful library symbols and blocks
Re: staz from Australia 0 replies New user - Introduce yourself
Re: Hosting Docs Locally 0 replies LibreCAD-doc
Re: Why Set Old Threads to Read-Only 0 replies Suggestions & Feedback
Re: LibreCAD ver 2.2 User Manual Style 0 replies LibreCAD-doc
Re: hatch with fillet 0 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: hatch with fillet 2 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: Request for permission 1 reply LibreCAD-translate
Re: Request for permission 0 replies LibreCAD-translate
Re: Dimension scalings 1 reply LibreCAD-user
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