what manuals to use in learning Librecad?

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what manuals to use in learning Librecad?

PT Grey
I started with the "reference manual" but found too many problems and then found the manual for "dummies". I have used many different manuals in the past without any issues.
Ine the Dummies manual I started on Exercise 1(A$ Drawing Template) looking at the command line operation.
On page 40 it says to enter 'Clk TB: Line>Rectangle ** or on the CB: rec'   I then pressed ENTER.
It replied with Unknown command. After a lot of playing around I discovered that it would not accept a SPACE. If I enabled a Line by Li it did the same. If I selected the Line function using the mouse, I could then use the command line to enter first point and then second point. I tried a rectangle and had the same results.
It appears there are many bugs and a lack of consistency between versions. I am using Version Version: 2.2.0-rc1
Compiler: GNU GCC 4.9.1
Compiled on: Feb 16 2018
Qt Version: 5.4.1
Boost Version: 1.53.0
System: Windows 11
Can someone direct me to a manual that actually works with Command Line? Or suggest another way to start learning this CAD program?
I have done CAD work about 10 years ago, but now they are becoming more complicated. I am quite ok with complexity, as long as the manuals are clear, precise and accurate for the version I am using.
Any help is appreciated.
Peter Grey
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Re: what manuals to use in learning Librecad?

Hello and Welcome!

For me worked (just tested) and has worked ever since I started using LibreCAD. The LibreCAD for Real Dummies is a viable doc. The author used CLK and CB acronyms, which were also explained in the book on page 39, you don't write those, they just indicate to witch part you will click or write.

So on the commandline the functions would be li for line, and rec for rectangle.