Can't get Paste to work

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Can't get Paste to work

Hello all.
I'm a long time AutoCad and DraftSight user but I am trying to start using LibreCad.
I love having OpenSource options and especially considering Draftsight if about to get rid of their Free option.

Running newest stable:
Version: 2.2.0-rc1
Compiler: GNU GCC 4.9.1
Compiled on: Feb 16 2018
Qt Version: 5.4.1
Boost Version: 1.53.0
System: Windows 10

I am copying from a separate file. When copying, I set the reference point.
I then switch to the other file (in the same instance of LibreCad). When I paste,  I get my lines showing up with the reference point but when I left click to set the reference point, my lines disappear as if I canceled the command. The copy seems to work fine but paste does not complete.
I have tried everything I can think of but cannot get the paste to work.
Any ideas?
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Re: Can't get Paste to work

Your procedure seems to be right.
Maybe layer of the to be pasted object existing and switched off?