Cannot open existing .dxf file

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Cannot open existing .dxf file

Someone pls help me, I am new on LibreCAD.

I cannot open my existing file which is saved on Desktop. I seem to have 2 files one is .dxf another is .dxf~.Not sure why. Both files bring up the same results.

Double clicking on the file in Desktop, opening from LibreCAD from file tab and opening recent files from LibreCAD brings up the same result "Import Error: undefined error. When I click "ok" , the window showing grid lines turns all grey.

Any assistance to retrieve my file would be highly appreciated.

My system and LibreCAD version is:
Version: 2.2.0-rc3-24-g4602ec6a
Compiler: GNU GCC 7.3.0
Compiled on: Mar  5 2022
Qt Version: 5.12.4
Boost Version: 1.65.1
System: Windows 8.1 (6.3)