Converting DraftSight file to LibreCAD file (DWG to DXF)

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Converting DraftSight file to LibreCAD file (DWG to DXF)

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I had a few drawings in DraftSight DWG format to transfer into DXF format before DraftSight free version ends (December 2019). I am using Xubuntu 64 bits and LibreCAD 2.2.0 alpha in case this information is relevant to someone.

I proceeded as following :

1/ In draftsight 2018 :
a/ Reset the thickness of line to the default value (through property menu) as they appear with thicker lines in LibreCAD after importing.
b/ Remove all drawings used for printing in the sheets as they will be transferred in design space (there is no such sheet concept in LibreCAD).

2/ Save the file in DraftSight into 2013 DXF ASCII format.

3/ Import in LibreCAD. The unit system needs to be specified in LibreCAD.

My issue : update text annotations since there little translation issues regarding useless brackets and position shift.

Note : I did not try 2 other solutions :
-  LibreDWG requires building from source code.
- opendesign converter.

Feel free to share any better method. I guess the end of DraftSight free version will get more LibreCAD users possibly asking how to convert.


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