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Hatching an object

Dear Libre Cad users
I know there are a lot of people that have had a problem with hatching, but I did not found anything that could help me.

The problem is with hatching an object which has been built with 2 half-elipses and "closed" with straight lines. It looks a bit like banana. When I want to hatch it, Libre Cad says, that there is a gap. Unfortunately it is not possible, because the "closing" of this elipses was made with snap-on-end only so there can not be any gap.

Could anyone help me with this problem?
The object that I am talking about is here (I mean photo of it):

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Re: Hatching an object

I think you have closed the contour correct.
The problem are the elliptical arcs, the hatch algorithm can't handle them.

A possible work around could be to save the drawing in R12 format. DXF R12 doesn't support ellipses too and therefor ellipses and their arcs are approximated with straight lines.
So use Save as and then, in the files window, change Files of type from DXF 2007 to DXF R12. Take care to switch back to DXF 2007 on later savings.

After reopening the R12 DXF, hatch should work in this drawing. You have to check if the approximation of the elliptical arcs are okay for you.
It depends on what you will use the drawing for. Printing is surely fine, but if you want to use it for some kind of CNC machining, it may be too bad.

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