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Is there anyway?

Jacob Fuller
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Expert Guides to Keep Threads Always In Good Quality

Having the ways and methods to keep the thread in good condition so that you can possibly make perfect and beautiful stitches! To some people, handling the thread with the best sewing machine for beginners is not such an easy thing to do. Now we will give you some tips that you are able to store the thread. Then the thread can be safe and able to work properly for a long time.


The biggest enemy of the thread is dust. You should not keep the thread in places exposed to dust and directly to the sunshine. The thread can be damaged and fail to be fully functional. The next problem is that you will accidentally roll the thread into the machine.

Keep your sewing thread away from dust

As a result, the lint will appear and you cannot make the stitches even. Therefore, you must remember to keep the thread from dust and sunlight. In this way, you can use the thread longer and improve the quality of stitches.


The stabilizers are essential for stabilizing the thread though they are not suitable for the fabric. As you can see, the double fiber of the thread never can come into the needle. All you need to do is cut off the part of the thread that you don’t need. And then you spray the stabilizer. Let it be like that for around 2 minutes and try to insert it into the needle again.

However, you shouldn’t use the stabilizers usually. Because it can cause uneven quality as well as make you work hard. It is recommended that you use them in small quantities and at the front part of the thread only. Using the best basic sewing machine requires good quality threads to sew perfectly. So always choose the best threads that you can afford.

Storage Bags:

The problem with storage bags is common to any sewing machine. It is easy to understand that the thread and other tools will be rusty and damaged if you don’t store them properly. Especially, you keep them exposed to the open environment which makes them quickly broken. You should use the sewing tools with care as they are delicate in nature. You will not like replacing or repairing them again and again.

Keep sewing threads in a storage case to avoid dust

To deal with this problem, you can use bags or something like that to keep the sewing tools. Using plastic bags having zippers is perfect because you can keep them in good condition for a long time. The condition and kind of thread affect directly the performance of the sewing machine.

Save From Water:

If you want to keep the thread for a long time, you should make sure there is no thread wasted. You should keep the thread far from water and moist as they will destroy your threads faster enough. Buying a thread organizer to store the reels in order is such a good idea then.

In summary

The threads hold the key to having fine and good stitches. They decide whether the whole project is good or not. You should consider keeping the thread in the best condition you can keep for the best project. When you come to buy the first sewing machine for beginners, you should take a look at the best sewing machine for beginners reviews and what we have mentioned above.

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Re: Is there anyway?

These are the snaps:

If Autocad has a different way to set them and you mean you want LibreCAD to work the same way, no there is no way to do that.