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New developer

Hi all, new to forum but have been using LibreCAD for a few months now. I am also an experienced software engineer (been writing software since the days of 8 inch floppy disks!!), and have got interested in modifying the code to add features and/or fix bugs. I have added comments to a few of the Issues on the github code base, and have raised several pull requests to offer for consideration some of the changes that I have made.
LibreCAD seems to be a pretty good product and I hope to be able to provide some useful contributions. Is there anything specific that I need to do to join the development team (I have read through the various topics suggested by Ravas here:, or should I just continue working on bits that catch my interest and submitting issues & pull requests?
Regards, Polly
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Re: New developer

Welcome Polly!

I've seen your efforts on GitHub and they are much appreciated.

Most pull requests are held back currently for preparation of a 2.2.0 release finally.
Many of them will push the master state back to alpha and may bring issues and instability.
Because I'm the only maintainer currently and my limited time resources I can't do release preparation and merging in parallel.
The community uses release candidates from master branch as stable version, so we need the release first before we can return master to development branch.

You can join our Zulip chat, which is the preferred place for communication. There we can evaluate if it is worth to change plans or how you can support the release process.

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