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No print layers

Hello, I am a new LibreCad user, I have a problem, I am making some tokens for a game and I have a drawing made with images but when I print, only the images are printed.
I have verified that they are not Construction lines but I cannot see where the error is.
If you could help me I would appreciate it.

And this is the project:

Thank you very much.
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Re: No print layers

Welcome Icerol!

Text and lines are exported well on my system, with the provided DXF file.
It is known, that some printer or PDF driver make the lines very faint or even don't print them.
The recommend solution is to change the line width for the layers to print.

Line width 0, which is the default and the current setting in your file, means, it's always 1 pixel on the screen independent from zoom level.
For printing a line width of 0.25 or maybe 0.5 is a good setting.
Usually, line width is set to BY LAYER, so it is enough to change the layer properties.

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