Non-metric line widths and printing problems

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Non-metric line widths and printing problems


I'm trying to figure out how to set up LibreCAD to use inch line widths.  I went ahead and reset all preferences and restarted LibreCAD.  When asked for default units I selected Inch.  I've set application defaults to inch as well as drawing defaults to inch.  The line width drop-down is still in mm.

Also, when I try to print to scale, there are issues where LibreCAD still thinks it is using metric units.  I set the paper to Letter, and try to fit to page, and I get this error:
Warning:: Paper size less than 10mm. Paper is too small for fitting to page
Please set paper size by Menu: Edit->Current Drawing Preferences->Paper

The paper size is set to Letter-->11x8.5 inches.  It's like LibreCAD is mixing up it's units.

It doesn't look like LibreCAD is really usable in non-metric situations.  Or at least there are a bunch of bug fixes needed.