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New user, just installed on my system.

Tried to go thru an example of scripting.

Could not find LUA in Librecad.

Tutorials? How-To's? User's Guide? Nothing.

Is scripting still part of Librecad?
What script language is being used?
How do I get to the area to input a script?
Where does it save it?
Does it stay part of the drawing/project or are they two separate things?

Thank You for you help.

P.S. Trying to do something like this:

Example 1:

Create a line and copy/rotate the line 7 times. This create 128 entities, because the Copy operation copy all the lines on each loop.

-- Get the layer
local layer = document:layerByName("0")

-- Create a Line
local l=Line(Coord(0,0), Coord(10,100), layer);

-- Get the builder object (will be renamed later)
local b=EntityBuilder(document)

-- Append the line

-- Put the line in next operations stack

-- Make a copy 'in place' of the line

-- Rotate the line
b:appendOperation(Rotate(Coord(0,0), math.rad(45)))

-- Do this 7 times

-- Apply into the document

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Re: Scripting

Welcome B.Teddy.

Primarily I miss the information which version of LibreCAD you installed, on which OS.

But I assume that you have installed any V2.x.y version.
LUA scripting is a feature of coming LibreCAD V3.x.y, but this is still under development, not productive yet.

LibreCAD V2 has no scripting support.
But started with V2.1.2 iirc, you can paste multiple command line instructions or import simple command files, one instruction per line. I wouldn't call that scripting, it's more like a macro feature.

Here are some links concerning this:

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Re: Scripting

Sorry, It was Version: 2.2.0-rc1 on Windows 10.

Thank You for your response.