Suggestion for improwing workflow for at least line tools for "freeform" parallels

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Suggestion for improwing workflow for at least line tools for "freeform" parallels


New for LibreCAD, but not for 2D cad.

- The Orthogonal "2 point line" drawing with relative (most important) "on fly" dimensioning.
Eg. Start new line, activate ortho.. Give the parallel direction 0,90,180,270 by mouse pointer position relative to line start point. Relative distance without starting @-symbol (needs two hand to get that out of keyboard) and then by omitting the <-symbol the command line is parsed as eg. @123<90. This way the objects can be drawn super fast with one hand on mouse and one hand at keyboard.

-Toolbar selection for Relative / Absolute default input
A selection for selecting absolute or relative input so when this is active you can write 100<90 [Enter] and the LibreCad interprets it as relative and auto-fills the @-symbol (again needs two hands with AltGr). Allow more fluent workflow when absolute system is not used (or drawing is only afterwards moved to be referenced from 0,0 position.

- Fixes on Trim and Extend
Atm. Trim and Extend are hard to use (slow and sluggish) at some extend. Extend would be super handy to have automatic feature to extend until selected (boundary) line is found and in the direction what is decided by clicking desired end of the line that is to be extended. Trim batch trim, so you can select again the boundary line that would be used to trim to and then by creating the "selection square" from empty space you could trim every line you touch with it at once. Line on trim and extend refers to object eg line, spline (as a boundary) or circle (arc).

- Offset tool
- make it accept distance from command line no matter if the offset tool was activated with keyword 'o' or by quickmenu or toolbar symbol

Quickly some points I do have observed and not yet given up the hope for future improvement