Tip: Paste object at precise location using command line

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Tip: Paste object at precise location using command line


I am using LibreCAD 2.1.3 on Debian GNU/Linux for 3D land surveying, and my laser measure claims an accuracy of 1mm. My drawing is typically 50 metres wide before being scaled for export to PDF. We are not using 3D CAD because the desired output is a paper map with land heights marked at regular intervals.

When pasting the land height marker on to the drawing of the land, I was using 'snap on grid' to get the marker in the exact right place on the drawing. Doing this by eye works fine, but needs a lot of mouse-wheel scrolling into the grid.

Today I tried using Ctrl+V to paste the marker object, then when 'Set reference point' crosshairs appear, switching focus to the command-line box of LibreCAD to enter precise co-ordinates. The relative zero point on the drawing represents the position of the laser device. For example:


for a marker 8.648 metres to the west of the laser device, and level with it north-south. This works great!

I knew from https://librecad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/guides/cmdline.html that I could use command-line coordinates when drawing lines, but using the command line to place a pasted object precisely is like a LibreCAD easter egg for my use case.

I would be happy to send a pull request to add this tip to the LibreCAD documentation if that is wanted.

Thanks, Team LibreCAD!