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Gary S
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The LibreCAD user manual (Development version) consists of:

1. Reference section – is simply an explanation of each commands (or tools) available in LibreCAD.  The reference provides a brief description of the command and what parameters are necessary.  It is the dry, boring information important to be able to gain an understanding of the purpose of each command.  There is no explanation of how to use any particular command or the circumstance that would require it.  Those explanations are /will be documented in the 'User Guide' section.
e.g. Line -> Rectangle {DrawLineRectangle}: Draw a rectangle by assigning the points of two diagonally opposite corners. 

2. User Guides – or ‘How to Guides’, are intended to provide a the steps necessary to perform a particular task.  These task are generic in the sense that they can be used in any type of drawing or circumstance.  They are the ‘building blocks’ of completing drawing.
e.g. Printing Guide

3. Other things – Other types of documentation are to provide an understanding or background information.
e.g. About / Overview or appendices

Tutorials - ‘Tutorials’ provide step by step examples on how to create drawings for a specific purpose.  A tutorial doesn’t require a full understanding of the commands used, but provides sufficient detail to allow the user to complete the drawing.
e.g. Drawing a carport truss or a circuit board
I've placed a separate page on the wiki for the tutorials.  Since they general seem to be task specific, there is a potential for there to be a lot of them, and it would be onnerous to update them with each release.  Also, having on the wiki allows link to links to videos, sample drawing ,etc.

See this section for the current status of the User Manual.