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I'm completely new to librecad, little expérience with inkscape.  I'm a gnu/linux user and I never used autocad.

before I was math teacher and computer trainer (in linux, admin and network).  I'm still active in free software promotion though, but slowly be more involved in low tech.

concerning librecad, I wanted a tool for designing woodworking stuff,  but not too complicated.
Our workshop in woodwork (menuiserie), organized by "café solidaire", stopped during winter.

we will make customizable furniture, especially shelves in relation to the dimensions of the place
I like a lot sweethome3d but I arrived at the limitations of this software concerning the modifications of the furniture.

so I decided to use 3d software but I didn't find something specific for woodwork in the free software world.
And for the ones I try I was a complete beginner lost by the complexities, the multiple tools and choices (art of illusion, wings3d, solvespace, freecad ...).
I'm still looking for good tutorials for beginner.
 I don't speak of blender (I don't have the good graphics card).

So I decided to begin with a 2D tool, I can put dimensions, draw the shelve from the front ...
see what happens when you have to adapt the scale etc.

I will check the forum for beginner's mistake to avoid.

Juliane  (aka Ayanoa)
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Re: hello

Hello Juliane,

2D CAD is probably the best tool for your purpose. 3D CAD like FreeCAD are a lot more complicated and you will end by printing 2D drawings for the workshop...

Forum is a place to start for troubleshooting but since you understand English I would recommend the following:
- Wiki : tutorial page (there is an old one in French) https://dokuwiki.librecad.org/doku.php/usage:tutorials
- Video tutorials on Youtube show some basics of 2D drafting and drafting with LibreCAD, some are in French.
- Unfortunately, there is no French translation for the User Manual now: https://librecad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html. It is a lot but I recommend to read it once.
It is a lot to read but it will make the learning easier and you will save much time afterwards.

Regarding customizable parts, you could edit a dimension value showing "220" mm and add a comment  showing it needs to be adapted such as "220 -> a adapter". This will allow to identify quickly the dimensions to be adapted.

Multipage printing can be useful as it enable to print scale 1 drawings on several A4 pages, in case you need to glue drawing on the wood plate before cutting.

Also, always draw scale 1. The printing is reduced to whatever scale is suitable 1:10, 1:5, 1:20.

When tou have an issue, you can post the drawing on the forum and request for help. In English you will have much more chance to get a feed-back.

Bon courage !

French hobbyist interested in 2D design.
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Re: hello

merci beaucoup, thanks for the tips !

and yes looks like a lot of pages but "petit à petit ..."

bonne fin d'année