Paper size error?

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Paper size error?

i noticed tonight the scaling features seemed to be behaving differently than they did the last time i had this file open, and i noticed the following error ...

[code]Warning:: Paper size less than 10mm. Paper is too small for fitting to page
Please set paper size by Menu: Edit->Current Drawing Preferences->Paper
RS_ActionPrintPreview::fit(): Invalid paper size[/code]

paper size is set to 'letter'  and 'land scape'
it seems to print ok.. but i'm not sure why this error is popping up?

Version: 2.1.3
Compiler: GNU GCC 9.3.0
Compiled on: Mar 23 2020
Qt Version: 5.12.8
Boost Version: 1.71.0
System: Linux Mint 20.3

i've attached the .DXF just in case.