Pointer recenters itself in the dialogs

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Pointer recenters itself in the dialogs

Hi, since a couple of months ago, I am unable to use the mouse in the dialogs:
First the pointer centers in the dialog(as intended?) but when I move the mouse to say select a file, it recenters automatically again and again making impossible to use the mouse there. Absolute pointer devices like a Wacom are not "so" afected by this behavior and one could operate in the dialogs with them.

It happens with both versions, the one available in Debian Sid(unstable) and the latest git selfcompiled. I've only reproduced this behavior with fvwm, the default window manager from Gnome performs right in the dialogs, not tested other wm.

Some thouts:
the default version provided in Sid worked fine previously and has this problem now without it being updated
some libraries had been updated, i don't know which ones could affect in this problem.
When I start the Gnome session and wm, which do not show this problem, the used dialogs seem to be the standard Gnome ones.

Any hints to debug?