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Hello, I want to print a part at scale 1:1 and a detail at scale 2:1 on the same page. This is similar to 2 viewports in DraftSight with 2 different scale. How do you do that ? I mean apart from scaling the detailed area, addding the dimension (scale 1:1) and manually modify the dimension... Thank you. Fabrice.
in Troubleshooting by fa201 — 2 replies in thread
I have a bigger drawing that is in 1:1 scale about 3 pages in size. The only way to print all in 1:1 is to move the underlying page and print all separately. Is there a way to say print all and LibreCad checks itself how many pages are necessary and fits itself to the number of needed pages? Thanks Teddy
in LibreCAD-user by teddych — 1 replies in thread
Can I print a larger drawing with a regular printer (Scale 1:1)? The drawing will be printed on several pages, see the following link for an example: Thanks in advance, Broomy
in LibreCAD-user by broomy — 1 replies in thread
I figured it out myself. For anyone else who would like to do the same thing, all I did was in Print Preview, I used 1:1 scale. I then just move the paper around and printed.
in LibreCAD-user by graygem — 1 replies in thread
Hallo everybody, the print preview is displayed correctly, the print manager is displayed, but nothing happens when I click Print. Printing as a pdf creates a blank sheet. The export works as pdf. However, this document is not printed to a scale of 1: 1. But the print settings are set to 100%. What can I do? Bernd PS: LibreCAD 2.1.3
in Troubleshooting by berndhs — 0 replies in thread
okay, attached the dxf-file. Print it out in scale 1:1, take the paper and a mm-ruler and measure the dimensions. If your mm-ruler gives you 190mm and 270mm you are lucky. If not you have the same problem as I have. But you did not realize it as you probably do not need to print exaxt in scale 1:1. I need to print EXACT the dimensions that I draw in LibreCAD. Thank you! 190x270.dxf Harry
in Tutorials / Manual topics by umbauwfb — 29 replies in thread
Hi Jonathan Always draw in 'real life' scale i.e. 1:1 in model space and then when you come to print select the scale you need: In print preview, you can see here that when unchecking the tick box releases other scale options to use. Good luck.
in Troubleshooting by sp1der — 2 replies in thread
Is it possible to get the scale presets in a magnification continuum, opening with 1:1 as default ? (and have the selected one automatically printed at the bottom-left corner of the page)
in Suggestions & Feedback by Cantar4 — 1 replies in thread
Print preview comes up at first with scale 1:1 and shows nothing. If I change the scale to 1:25 I get a good fit for a drawing which fills an A4 sheet. If you print to file and have pdf, then what are the results. If pdf looks OK, then take print of that PDF. Else send us sample file.
in LibreCAD-user by hsrai — 5 replies in thread
forgot something I had scale fixed at 1:1 when I closed When I opened everything looked ok but when I went to print preview the scale had changed to 1:20.981 and was still fixed. When I clicked center to page nothing much happened. When I unclicked fixed and changed the scale to 1:1 the drawing separated from the white background. Drawing info up and white paper? much smaller and lower.
in LibreCAD-user by Chetv — 12 replies in thread
Hi folks, Say you have a large dxf file. Say you need to print a part of that file at 1:1 scale. How is that done? I have selected an object, moved it to another layer and then tried printing it at 1:1 (using the printer software) but all I get is a blank sheet of paper coming out of the printer. Thanks!
in Troubleshooting by Octavius — 4 replies in thread
I have completed a drawing on Librecad and am looking to print it. However, the drawing seems to be filling up the entire page. I want to have a 1:1 print on paper - This means, I want a 2.5 cm line from the drawing to be translated as 2.5 cm on the paper. Selecting the scale to be 1:1 doesn't seem to be doing it. I am using A4 paper. Can anyone help me out?
in LibreCAD-user by baliganikhil — 1 replies in thread
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